Graduation for the Class of 2021


Tonight Bismarck held its annual high school graduation ceremony.  The seniors of the Class of 2021 had a year unlike any other.  The year was met with a lot of fear and trepidation on how much of a “normal” school year everyone would have.  Fortunately, the year did not affect many of the traditions that prior senior classes have enjoyed.  This year was Mr. Abraham Warren’s first year as an administrator.  He did a fantastic job at the helm in the midst of consistent contact tracing and managing a school year during a pandemic.

The Class of 2021 began the ceremony with the traditional walk into the gymnasium with “Pomp and Circumstance” playing.  Ms. Stacey Burge led choir members Colby Wilkerson and Ashleigh Foxworth in the singing of the “National Anthem.”  Mr. Warren and Mr. King addressed and welcomed the crowd in attendance for the celebration.  Mr. Mayberry led the band in a redition of “The Way We Were” with members of the concert band.

During the ceremony tonight, Class President Mercedes Douglas had a very well-thought out and poignant speech where she addressed her family, teachers, and classmates.  It was very touching and even made this teacher cry.  Valedictorian Alexia Droege followed up Mercedes’s speech with another touching tribute to Lexi’s family.  She also mentioned four teachers on staff at Bismarck who made an indelible mark on her life; Ms. Robyn Tiefenauer, Mrs. Tabatha Crites, Mrs. Brooke Dugal, and Mr. Abraham Warren.  Salutatorian Hunter Grebe speech broke the emotional tension in the room with his creative delivery.  His address and energy at times caused the audience to take a needed break from the tears shed.  Grebe also won Indian of the Year which was announced by Student Council President Tyler Mork.

After the speeches and the senior tribute video, Senior Class Vice-President Chloey Hardy announced the distribution of roses to those members of the audience who made a difference in the lives of the graduating students.  This is always a touching tribute as graduates search the crowd looking for their loved ones and those they admire.  After everyone crossed the stage to receive their diplomas, Mr. Warren announced that the students should turn their tassels.  Celebration and jubilation ensued from the Class of 2021 as they used silly string and ticker tape to redecorate their chairs and each other.  Congratulations to the Class of 2021!  You will be missed!  Below you can see pictures from the event.

Thank you for supporting the online version of the Smoke Signal!  I have enjoyed serving the Bismarck community for the past six years.  Good luck to the Insiders and Tribe members in Ms. Tiefenauer’s class next year.

Mr. Pruett