Learning about Life and Finances from Guest Speaker, Mark Booker


On Friday, May 7th, Bismarck welcomed guest speaker Mark Booker to speak to our students.  Mark Booker gave the students a lot of knowledge of career, life, and finances.  Mr. Booker serves on the board of a Kentucky credit union and is highly respected in his community.   He broke down his talk about finances into three key concepts; money, credit scores, and taxes.  He did a fantastic job keeping the attention of our students by simplifying the investment process.  Mr. Booker spoke on the concept of compound interest and the Rule of 72.  All Bismarck students in attendance received excellent information about how to be fiscally responsible with their credit and how to plan for their future wisely.  Thank you Mr. Mark Booker for traveling such a long distance to share your knowledge and skills with our students!!