JAG/Careers Speaker Series: Judge Michael Randazzo & Nurse Practitioner Melinda Dugal


Over the month of March, the JAG class invited some Bismarck alumni who work in our local communities to speak to JH/HS students.  Judge Michael Randazzo came to speak to Bismarck students on March 17th.  Judge Randazzo offered an interesting perspective to the Bismarck students in attendance.  He said that law school did not come easy to him at first, but an inspirational speech given by famous O.J. Simpson trial lawyer F. Lee Bailey helped to confirm his drive and determination to stick with law.  Judge Randazzo also talked about what it takes to campaign for a public office.  Judge Michael Randazzo is currently the presiding judge for Iron County.

Melinda Dugal came to speak with Bismarck JH/HS students on March 24th.  Mrs Dugal is a nurse practitioner for St. Francis Medical in Farmington, MO.  She spoke with students about what it takes to be dedicated in the medical field.  Mrs. Dugal also mentioned how much her career as afforded her to be an extension of other people’s families.  She discussed the concept of stress and anxiety and healthy ways to cope with depression.  Melinda also explained how nurse practitioners are viewed in other states.  Within that explanation, she mentioned how the state of Missouri allows nurse practitioners to work closely with physicians.  Mrs. Dugal is definitely a wealth of knowledge to anyone who would be considering a job in the medical field.  Melinda Dugal also serves on the Bismarck Board of Education and coaches teams around the community in her free time.

Both of these individuals are strong threads that hold together the fabric of the community.  Great people to emulate or to request as a mentor should students be considering a field in law or health-related careers.