From 2008-2021: Bismarck’s Class of 2021 13 Year Club


The Class of 2021 celebrates the Bismarck students who have been together throughout their educational journey.  From kindergarten to their senior year, the Smoke Signal will highlight some of the relationships of these individuals with some photographic memories 🙂  Today, we highlight the 2009-2010 1st grade class of Mrs. Loughary.  Thank you so much Mrs. Loughary for sharing these with us!!

Nine seniors from her first-grade class have called Bismarck their school home.  Over the next few weeks, we will highlight each senior in the 13-year club through pictures, classwork, or stories that they would like to share in the Smoke Signal.  They have grown up too fast and now they get to share part of that legacy with you.  Below you will see pictures of Teagan Ryder, Kylie Hubbs, Alexia Droege, Maggie Clark, Brooke Cureton, Connor Sullivan, Evan Jackson, Kaitlin Naucke, and Mercedes Douglas.