Bismarck Student Poll: Fortnite vs. Among Us


By: Maggie Clark & Beth Haler

For many years, the video game Fortnite was extremely popular amongst junior high and high school students.  It was so popular that students would don the apparel from the video game or mimic the victory dances.  Now, another game has gained popularity with adolescents.  That game is a mobile game called Among Us.  Below, you will see an article from Smoke Signal seniors Maggie Clark and Beth Haler.  They conducted a student poll and interviewed some Bismarck students about their responses to that poll.

We asked a few students if they preferred the video game Among Us or Fortnite. The following students, Dylan Cole and Connor Sullivan both agreed that Fortnite was the best. Their reasons
were you can make money from tournaments, Among Us was an old game that didn’t take much skill compared to Fortnite, and lastly that you can get college scholarships from the game
Fortnite.  We also interviewed freshman Will Clark about his preference.

Students who prefer Fortnite:

Dylan Cole: “You can get to college with Fortnite.”
Connor Sullivan: “Among Us is an old game and Fortnite is newer and better.”
Will Clark: “It’s just way more fun in my opinion.”

Among Us is a very popular game right now anyway because you don’t need a lot of skill.  You can play short games with friends or random people. Among Us is very user friendly and fun for all ages!!

Students who prefer Among Us:

Dillan Davis: “You can play Among Us with multiple friends.”
Chloey Hardy: “Among us takes some skill.”
Kylie Hubbs: “You can play it at any time on your phone.”

As you can see from the student poll, Among Us has gained a lot of popularity, almost 90% of respondents prefer Among Us to Fortnite.  It could be just a fad, but it looks like a new game has taken over, if only for a short time.