Bismarck Students of the Hunt: Hunter Dugal



Today’s hunting story comes from junior, Hunter Dugal.  Hunter talks about his trophy buck in his own words below.

“I shot my buck on October 21st during bow season. I had been watching this buck since late summer on my trail camera and wanted to get to him early before rifle season began. I knew he would start covering a lot of ground once the rut hit and didn’t want him getting shot by someone else. I went out to hunt that evening and decided to hunt in my uncle’s tree stand. I busted 5 deer in the field while walking in but never saw the one I had been after. I sat for a little over an hour when 5 bucks came out of the thicket. I could tell by how they were acting there was something following them. A few seconds later, I saw him. It has the buck I had been seeing for months. I ranged him at 33 yards, got the position, drew back, and shot. I knew the shot was good because I saw the arrow still stuck behind his front shoulder as he ran away. I stayed put until dark and then backed out for 2 hours. I went back and found him after looking for 20 minutes. He ran about 100 yards from where I shot him. I was happy I got the one I had been waiting on and glad that passing on other smaller deer had paid off. This was the first buck I shot with my new bow.”