Bismarck Students on the Hunt: Garrett Mork


Another story of Bismarck students hunting for that trophy buck leads us to freshman, Garrett Mork.  This is Garrett’s first buck and he describes his pursuit of it every well.  Below, you can read how Garrett recounts his experience in his own words.

On the night of October 24, 2020, I shot my first deer.  I got in the woods at around 2:30 and it wasn’t until around 4:30 I started seeing signs of deer. It was about 68 degrees outside so the deer weren’t used to the weather, but I spooked 4 deer to my right, but then all of a sudden 3 of them spooked. The last one stayed there until he finally started to move. He was about 28 yards away from me, but then he dropped over the hill.

Then at around 5:20, I heard something to my right.  I look over and I see a momma and 2 babies walking towards me. They finally walked out in front of me but the momma was scared so she stayed to the left and so did one of the babies. But the other one walked right out in front of me about 15 yards, I moved to a spot where I could draw my bow but then my chair squeaked and the momma heard it and she ran into the woods and the babies followed. 

So I sat and waited for something else, and all of a sudden the momma and the 2 babies came back. The same thing happened the momma and one of the babies stayed to the left but the other one walked right out in front of me, but this time it was about 12 yards. So this time i made sure I didn’t make any sudden moves and was able to get my bow drawn. The momma saw me and started stomping at me, so I stayed still until she put her head down. And I made my shot, I knew I hit it good because I could see my arrow sticking out of it.

So I texted my dad and he told me to wait, and keep in mind it was only about 5:50 and it didn’t get dark until around 6:30. So I waited until around 6:20 until I finally made my first move to go and look for it, we made 2 big circles because the deer ran into the tall grass and the only thing we found were big puddles of blood or just little droplets. We tracked the blood to the back where we come in, but dad said he never saw it cross the road so we stayed on the other side, until I looked on the road and seen blood. I followed the trail and there it was laying up against the fence, I started freaking out. Of course, mom had to take 5000 pictures so we were there for an extra 30 mins taking pictures.

Congratulations Garrett on getting your first deer!  We are sure it will be the first of many.