Bismarck Career Speaker Series: Haley Harshaw


On November 30th, the Bismarck JAG and Careers classes welcomed a guest speaker who is a former Bismarck graduate, Haley (Anderson) Harshaw.  Haley works as a juvenile probation officer at the Community Corrections 4th Judicial District in Franklin County, Kansas.

She spoke with our students about her journey to obtain her degree through the College of the Ozarks.  She spoke highly of what the C of O offers to prospective graduates, no college debt.  You basically work for your tuition while you attend on campus.  The campus is also a faith-based university too and that was another advantage to going there for Haley.

Harshaw discussed what goes into a normal day as a juvenile probation officer.  She also spoke on what kind of education was needed in order to work in this field in the state of Kansas.  To the surprise of some of the students, Haley mentioned that you had to be 21 years old before you could work as a probation officer.  Overall, she highly recommended her career to anyone who likes psychology or criminal justice.  You will need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree to work in this field in Kansas.

Thank you Haley for coming back to Bismarck to share your occupational journey with us!