Bismarck Students on the Hunt: Tyler Mork


Over the next few weeks, we are going to highlight certain students and their pursuit to get that award winning deer.  The first story is from Bismarck Junior, Tyler Mork, and his trailing of this elusive buck.  Here is Tyler in his own words.

“I’ve been watching this buck since the beginning of bow season. When I would hunt he wouldn’t come in, but when I wouldn’t hunt he would always be there. I was to the point where I was bound and determined to bag this buck. Well on November 3, 2020 it was like 65 degrees outside he was hot and I almost backed out of going but he was there the day before so I knew he was going to come in so off to the stand I went. I left school at 2:30 and ended up getting in my stand by 3 O’clock. It was hot, I was sweating as the evening winded down the sun fell behind the trees and started to set. It started getting chilly as the wind started to slow down for the evening. A heard something walking out of the creek bottom to my left I eased my head around real slow and out walked a doe, well the doe that came in her name was Tracey. She has a special double white neck spot and she usually has 2 baby fawn with her.  Well today she did not and I was confused.   Well as i was watching her I heard something walking up the creek. I got all excited because rut was just starting and the bucks were going start chasing the does. Well as I eased my head in that direction I saw his horns and he was walking towards out in front of me. I eased my bow, it seemed like it took him an hour to walk 30 yards. Well he finally made it up to 21 yards and I made him stop and right then I shot him. He took off like a bolt of lighting with his tail tucked as tight as it could get. I was shaking so much I had to get down because I was about to shake my stand off the tree. I ended up walking out and waiting for my parents and about an hour later we started tracking. The blood was red and thick as I knew I made a good shot on him. He ended up running 60 yards and there he was as we walked up on him. As I walked up on him and laid my hands on his horns I was waiting for that moment since the first day I received pictures of him. The excitement and adrenaline rush I had as my parents stood over me while I grabbed his horns was amazing. He was a 10 pointer with a lot of character, he weighed right around 200 pounds and was about 5.5 year old mature buck. Heck of a season to remember!”
Great job Tyler!  Awesome story!  We hope to gather more stories from Bismarck students after Thanksgiving break!!  Tyler and his buck can be seen in the picture below.