Paraprofessional Comes to Bismarck from Potosi


A few changes in personnel accompanied the start of a new school year.  Another person that was added to the Bismarck R-5 Elementary staff in 2020-2021 was Mr. Ethen Hedrick.  Mr. Hedrick is working as a paraprofessional in the elementary school.  He was an aide for three years before switching to Bismarck.  The Smoke Signal staff decided to talk with Ethen about his new position with our district.
What do you like about the Bismarck R-5 School District thus far?
“All of the staff are very helpful whenever I have questions.”
What challenges has this school year presented?
“The challenge for this year I think would be adapting to having some students learn virtually now instead of in the classroom.”
How is this title different from your previous title?
“This is my first year at Bismarck, I was a junior high aide for 3 years at Potosi.”
What goals do you have for this year?
“My goal for this year is to gain more knowledge and experience in special education.”
What does your new position or title affect your day to day life?
“I feel like I have gained some essential skills that will carry over to when I become an elementary teacher. I now know different ways to approach situations, both in and out of the classroom.”