Bismarck R-5 Elementary has a New Counselor



The Bismarck Elementary School staff has another brand new face this school year.  Ms. Ashley Deason was hired as the elementary school counselor.  Ms. Deason has had a great and caring background before she became a Bismarck employee.  Deason takes the vacant spot left by Ms. Hilary Freeman who left to pursue real estate full-time.  The Smoke Signal decided to ask her a few questions in order to learn more about Ms. Deason and her background.

What is your title or new title for 2020-2021?
“Elementary School Counselor and Gifted Coordinator”
What do you like about the Bismarck R-5 School District thus far?
“I am thankful to be part of the Bismarck R-5 School District. Each person has been very kind and welcoming. I like that our school district is like a family. Everyone supports one another and loves our students. Being in a smaller district, I especially like that we are able to get to know each of our students and families. I feel it makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our students.”
What challenges has this school year presented?
“For me, this school year has presented a few challenges. I want to make sure our students working virtually have access to social and emotional learning opportunities similar to the opportunities our in-person students have available to them. I also want to make sure our virtual students feel supported like our in-person students.”
What goals do you have for this year?
  • This school year, I want to teach our students more about character and how they have the ability to make a difference in our world. By being trustworthy, responsible, fair, caring, respectful, and demonstrating citizenship, they can make a positive difference in our community and world. 
  • I want to teach students about healthy strategies they can utilize when they feel intense emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear. 
  • I want to teach our students about growth mindsets and how they can develop this type of mindset in their lives.
  • I want to teach students about different careers and encourage them to pursue their dreams. 
What does your new position or title affect your day to day life?
“Being a school counselor at Bismarck is a dream come true for me. Every experience in my life has led me to become a school counselor. I truly love coming to work and being a support to our staff and students. I love what I do and the difference I am able to make.”