JAG/Careers Speaker Series


Ashley Dash is a local massage therapist who came into our JAG/Careers classes to speak to our students.  Ms. Dash let the students know about the medical and health benefits of massage.  She has been working in this field for three years.  She received her education from the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis.  It was a part-time 50-week program.

Ashley explained to the students what sciatica feels like and modeled the treatment for the students.  Ms. Dash spoke to the students on how similar massage and physical therapy are.  She also explained how active and passive therapies differ between the work with patients.  She also explained how the holistic treatments that she provides work with the body and helps assist ailments in other areas like back injuries and neck problems.  Ms. Dash also explained that her career choice gives her a lot of flexibility in her schedule.

The freedom that her job gives her also allows her to give back to pediatric cancer patients and the elderly.  Thank you Ms. Dash for coming into our school today to educate our students on this field.