A New Principal on the Block in the High School: Mr. Warren



By: Teagan Ryder

This year is bringing some challenges to our school district.  However, that has not dissuaded Abe Warren from taking the plunge into administration at the high school.  Mr. Warren has been a high school history teacher and coach for many years at Bismarck.  He knows the community and the student body pretty well.  That should serve as an advantage to him in his first year as principal.  The Smoke Signal decided to interview Mr. Warren to get his thoughts on the 2020-2021 school year.


What challenges has the school year presented?

“So many new things that we have had to deal with such as online students and new guidelines we have to follow. But nothing we can’t handle and just happy to be here.”


How is this title different from your previous title?

“I just have different responsibilities. I’m not having to make lesson plans or teach a class so that has been an adjustment that I have had to get used to.” 


What are some goals you have for this year?

“One goal that I had was that we could all just be here together for the school year, the other goal I have is to have as close to a normal school year as possible.”


What does your new position or title affect your day to day life?

“Pretty much the same as when I was a teacher. Just more responsibilities and instead of just being in one classroom I’m in more classrooms to check up on the teachers.”