Bismarck Students Attend E-Sports/Tech Fair at Central High School


Early this morning, Central High School hosted an E-Sports/Tech Fair in which schools from across the state attended.  Within the Central R-3 Fieldhouse, colleges with e-sports programs had a chance to speak with high school students about the emerging gaming programs.  E-sports is a one billion dollar industry and Generation Z is deeply embracing this growing trend.  E-sports and gaming have become so popular that arenas are often filled with spectators who watch professional gamers compete on big screens.   The Missouri High School Esports Association,, was just formed to give students who do not compete in typical athletic channels a chance to be apart of a team and possibly earn college scholarships if they are good enough.  In fact, in the State of Missouri, three colleges are national champions in a variety of games; Maryville University, University of Missouri, and Columbia College.

Our Bismarck students had a chance to interface with colleges and industrial facilities like U.S. Tool and Lee Mechanical.  Students also had a chance to play games in which other schools are competing like Rocket and Overwatch.  This was a great opportunity for our students to have another avenue toward gaining financial assistance for college while having fun in the process.

Please see the pictures below for images of the event.