New Staff for 2019-2020: Mrs. Jayne Helms

By: Breanna Gamblin

Today I had the honor of interviewing Mrs. Jayne Helms, Bismarck’s new junior high math teacher.  Mrs. Jayne Helms is in her 5th year of teaching.  Helms is a past graduate of Arcadia Valley High School.  Her family just moved back into the area after living in Springfield, MO.  One reason she decided to move back was to be closer to family.  While she lived in Springfield, she taught for the Aurora School District.  She stated that Aurora had a high ESL (English as a Second Language) population and that diverse experience, though challenging at times, served her well as an educator.

I asked her a series of questions about why she decided to work for Bismarck R-5 School District.

Why did she want to be a teacher?

“Because I love helping and seeing kids strive, and really just the thought of helping somebody learn what I’m teaching them is amazing.”

What college did you attend? 

“I attended Missouri Baptist University and Mineral Area College.  I am an alum of Arcadia Valley High School.” 

Why did she choose to teach math?

“I am actually a math and science teacher.  I chose math and science because they go hand in hand, and work together.”