Mr. Varhalla Teaches Students How To “Man-Up”


For this section of Bismarck 7th Hour Tribe Pride Time, english teacher Mr. Todd Varhalla decided to offer a new but vital program to our students.  The “Man-Up” group is not intended to be a condensing title for boys in this group.  Instead, it is a group that teaches male students simple yet important tasks that will help them grow to be better citizens and men in the future.  For today’s lesson, the group was learning how to tie a necktie.  Bismarck is starting to use principles of building a school a character with a lot of different programs.  According to Mr. Varhalla, this group is meant to feed into the idea of building character and self-esteem for any student who participates in the program.  Below, you can see pictures from today’s necktie lesson.  Future lessons for this group include self-defense, shaving, and general manners.