New Staff for 2019-2020: Mr. Jacob Cavins



By: Kylie Hubbs

For the 2019-2020 school year, Bismarck hired a new ISS teacher for the Alternative School, Mr. Jacob Cavins.  Cavins has his sights on being an educator and is currently working towards that goal.  Cavins came to work at Bismarck after a long history in the retail industry.  He really has a heart for kids and will be coaching year-round as the assistant varsity baseball coach and the JV basketball coach.  The Smoke Signal decided to ask him some questions about his new position.

Why did you choose the alternative side of the school to teach students?

“Well it was the only job opening at the time, but its a good way to finally get my foot in the doorway of becoming a teacher.”

What are some jobs you’ve done in the past?

“Out of high school, I was the manager at Country Mart, worked 3 years in merchandise at Pepsi, and was a sales representative at Lil’ Debbie as well.”

What led you to become an educator?

“I have always wanted to get into teaching.  I never really had a job that required me to go back to school but now working in the alternative building I feel like I have my foot in the door to continue my education to become a teacher.  I really want to teach the 4th grade because I’ve always liked that grade.”