New Staff for 2019-2020: Ms. Laura Gillam


By: Alysha Crocker

I had the opportunity to meet our new SPED teacher, Ms. Laura Gillam.   This is Ms. Gillam first year of teaching at Bismarck Junior and Senior High.  She was a teacher’s aide for 6 years before working for Bismarck.  Gillam likes the smaller groups she has in class.  She says that it is easier to help her students when they need it.  She expressed that she enjoys learning about her students and explained that it can be a struggle to learn about the students if you have a big group. 

Gillam told me that this job is way different than her old job.  She chose this job because she wanted to help as many kids succeed as she can.  Ms. Gillam attended Missouri Baptist University for her degree.  She loves the fact that she is able to challenge the kids in her class and see how they develop throughout the year.