Fall Baseball Outlook


By: Austin Williams

The Smoke Signal decided to get with both baseball coaches to see what this season had in store.  In 2019-2020, the high school baseball program hired a new coach, Mr. Jacob Cavins.  Along with Head Coach Mr. Chris Hayes, the two of them have a lot of information to offer to this year’s roster.  This is Mr. Cavins first year working at Bismarck R-5 School District.  We asked them each a few questions to get their feel on the outlook for the season since fall baseball serves as a warm-up for spring baseball too.

Head Coach Chris Hayes

How you feeling good about this season?

“I feel good about the season.  We are a very young team with no seniors. I feel that we are getting better every day and the kids are working hard to get better.”

What are some advantages and disadvantages of this season?

“I feel the Fall baseball season is a big advantage to get younger players experience who hasn’t played high school baseball.  It will make us better for the spring season.”

Are you excited to work with a new coach?

“It’s exciting to work with Coach Cavins. He has done a good job working with the outfield.”

Have the games so far discouraged you?

“The games thus far have not discouraged me because I can see us getting better in areas that we needed to improve in for the spring. It’s a process and we are sticking to it.”

Assistant Coach Jake Cavins

Are you feeling good about this season?
“I feel like we have made great progress as a team, and individually. I work with the outfield guys, and we have come a long way in a short amount of time.”
What are some advantages and disadvantages for this season?
“I think the advantages and disadvantages for the season are the same on both ends. We are a very young team, so the advantages are, we have multiple years to pour into these guys to try to build them as individuals and as baseball players.  It is also a disadvantage when we are going against mostly senior heavy teams. But it’s exciting for the future, and the kids continue to work hard everyday.”
Have the games this season discouraged you?
“I think I always try to see the positive in all situations. So, have I been discouraged? Sure but, I also see the future and what it holds for the program. I think I can speak for every high school coach by saying, the future is bright for the athletic program.”