High School Volleyball Outlook



By: Brooke Cureton

I had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Wilfong and Coach Helms to ask them a few questions about their upcoming volleyball season. I asked how they felt about the teams so far this season.  Coach Wilfong says that the team is much more positive and hopefully hard work that will pay off. 

Another question I asked is how do they think their team has improved.  Coach Wilfong replied, “We have improved because we worked on the small things such as defensive positions and blocking and it’s made us better as a team.”

I asked her if she thinks that the record will improve this year compared to years in her past.  Wilfong said, “Yes most definitely it will with a district banner in sight.”

Coach Wilfong and Coach Helms are obviously very excited to see what the team will do this year.  Keep up the hard work!!