Henson Transitions to Pre-K

By: Chloey Hardy

For the year of 2019-2020, Bunni Henson moved from kindergarten to preschool. I asked her some questions about her feelings and she had many answers. She answered, “I have enjoyed every grade I have taught.  I previously worked with our preschool program and to this day, the children who I taught in pre-K still share memories of our time together. We build a close personal connection and with that, students thrive when they have consistency in care between home and school.  I often always share with families, the princes and the princesses have left the castle and now are building skills which prepare them to be confident and thriving citizens.”

Mrs. Henson is very motivated with her students and tries to teach them basics going into upper levels. She doesn’t compare grades or like one more than the other. She shares different information with preschool than she did with kindergarten but each grade is just a different level in the learning process.

When I asked Mrs. Henson about preschool and how it helps students develop this is what she gave said, “Preschool promotes social and emotional development. Many times, preschool is a child’s first journey outside the home.  Through hands-on explorations and construction, the children have many opportunities to learn to share, follow directions, and begin the foundation for learning. The other day, I commented that I was going to jump into the book and become this child’s friend. One student with bright eyes said, “Mrs. Henson is going to jump into the book” and giggled. They are sponges and want to learn about everything and I love their inquisitive and loving nature.”