Fun Before Tests Start


Tomorrow starts the standardized testing schedule for many students.  Today during 7th Hour, the Junior High and High School students gathered together for a pre-test celebration.  This assembly was organized as a way to have some fun before it is time to buckle down and focus.

The assembly commenced with “Name That Tune” in which the teachers were competing against two students per class.  The teachers picked songs from their generation and the students had to guess the song title and artist.  The students also selected their favorite songs from today while the teachers tried to guess from that group.

Next competition was the inchworm game.  This game consisted of groups of six students from each grade level.  A person would get into a sleeping bag headfirst and then slither to the opposite side of the gymnasium.  This was a relay-style race.  First one across the finish line wins.  You could not see so each student had to go by feel and coaching from their team.  We had a few disoriented students during the competition but everyone had fun. 🙂

The winning team was this group of senior boys.

Winning Inch Worm Competition Group (Seniors) from left to right: Reece Rokiski, Shawn Mork, Austin Droege, Logan Dunn, Trevor Eye, Garrett Johnston



Last competition was a challenge in which you had to sort a bag of M&Ms by color in separate cups.

Please rest up tonight and come ready to do your best tomorrow students!!  Hope you all had fun and good luck!!