Bismarck Middle School Honors Band


The Bismarck Middle School Band recently had some members who were recognized for their musical abilities.  Band Director Dennis Mayberry had the pleasure of selecting members who would best represent the band for the All-Conference Middle School Band.  The Smoke Signal asked Mr. Mayberry about the honor that these students received.  The All-Conference Middle School Band had a performance on Tuesday, March 5th.  The band was conducted by Mr. Nick Williams from Carterville High School in Illinois.

The Smoke Signal asked Mr. Dennis Mayberry to give us his feelings toward his students and the honor for the five Bismarck Middle School members who participated.

“They represent the best attributes of what a middle school musician should and is expected to be in my bands.  These young people are consistently leaders among their peers. They are the some of the hardest working students in the band. Unfortunately, I have many more that fit this mold and could not be selected due to space constraints and fairness to other schools in the conference!  I am very proud of each of these young people. They have shown tremendous tenacity and bravery. It is not easy to sit among hundreds of strangers and mesh together in only four hours time.  They jumped right in there learned their parts and contributed greatly to the greater whole of the band itself.  It was a great performance.  I have always been proud to say that I am the band director to some of the best musicians and people in the state!”

The students who received the honor of election to the All-Conference Band from Bismarck are as follows: (Left to Right) Hannah Hale, Ashlyn Goodman, Janson King, Coty Wolf, and Ethan Shipp