Bismarck National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


By: Ethan Penington

Every year, the National Honor Society inducts new members into their ranks. Once a night every year, these inductees are invited along with their families to a ceremony acknowledging their character, leadership, scholarship, and service. For 2018/2019 school year, Bismarck National Honor Society had thirteen new inductees.  Each new NHS member personifies the characteristics for membership.

The ceremony began with the NHS advisor, Mrs. Tabatha Crites, explaining to the inductees about how proud of them she was and that the officers will give a speech of what each of the four pillars of National Honor Society meant.  The President of NHS, Logan Dunn, started with his speech on Scholarship. Then, the Treasurer, Jenna Sago, gave a speech on Leadership. After that, the Vice-President, Sarah Hale, gave her speech about service. Last but not least, the Secretary, Levi Lincoln, gave a speech about Character.  Levi Lincoln had this to say about character.

“Character is something good to have not just in class and the hallways at school, but anywhere you go in life.”

After the speeches, Logan Dunn directed the inductees in the National Honor Society pledge. Logan Dunn then directed the inductees that when their names are called to collect their certificate and sign their name in the book of NHS members. Mrs. Crites then told the students how proud she was once again.  After this, the high school principal, Mrs. Katie Martinez, to congratulate the inductees on their accomplishment. Mrs. Martinez acknowledged the accomplishments of the new, current, and past NHS members alike. She acknowledged the family and friends that came to support the inductees. She thanked everyone one final time and the ceremony came to an end.

Here are the list of new inductees:

Dylan Cole

Lexi Droege

Hunter Grebe

Chloey Hardy

Brett Horton

Kathrine Howard

Kylie Hubbs

Haley Huff

Katelynn Romine

Alex Somraty

Connor Sullivan

Selena Sutton

Chelsea Thurman