Bridge Building Winners Tribe Pride Engagement Program

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In a new round of Bismarck JH/HS Tribe Pride Time, Mrs. Tabatha Crites had a new group of students for her bridge development enrichment group.  Each student(s) designed a bridge and then tested the amount of weight it would support.

Bridges were given a score for aesthetics and for the amount of weight that they could hold before breaking.

Here are the scores and some pictures of the students and their bridges below:


Zara Masters & Railey Pratt & Jennifer Boyer           151      Winner   (This bridge held at least 25 lbs and was never broken)

Cameron Crane                                                          136      2nd place

Levi Sheckles                                                             51.6    3rd place

Reagan Stricklin/Jeanette Perschka                          44.5

Chase Johnston/Clayton Dee                                    25.6

Colton Dicus                                                               14.7

Grace Romine/Christen Peoples                                12