Bismarck Student Spotlight: Hunter Grebe

By: Carrie Bockenkamp

Hunter Grebe is the sophomore class Vice President here at Bismarck that used to not feel accepted within the student body. However, those emotions changed when Hunter joined Student Council. We asked Mr. Grebe a few questions about himself and our school.

When asked about his interests, Hunter told us that he enjoys playing video games and playing music in band. He is also involved in multiple clubs such as Pep Club, Student Council, Upward Bound, and JAG. Hunter enjoys doing these things in school.

Hunter believes the school is going in a good direction and would like to see more positive changes. He really wants to see more interaction within the student body. Grebe feels better about himself and is better accepted.  He also says that he has more friends since he’s been involved.

We’ve also asked Grebe about the recognition he’s received for the changes he’s helped make in our school. He said he really likes the recognition. Hunter feels as if he’s found his place here since he’s been involved in more of the school’s atmosphere.

Hunter Grebe is a true example of the type of people our school needs. If we could all be involved and step outside of our comfort zone, the school would be more interesting.