Bismarck “Shouts Out” Positive Vibes


Areas around the Bismarck hallways are more open to student creativity and positive influences due to the completion of the bond issue construction.  One area that emerged as a place for positive influences was the new wall created by the old high school office.  High School Counselor Mark Reeves has been utilizing this area as a way for students to express themselves in an uplifting way.  Students have a table with slips of paper where they can “shout-out” or brag on another student or even a school faculty member.  As you can see from the picture, many students have been promoting the good qualities in other individuals a lot since the inception of the “brag board”.  The student shout-out board has only been around for about two weeks and it is already close to being filled up.

Great job Mr. Reeves and all Bismarck students and faculty who have taken the time to invest in this worthwhile cause.  Hopefully it brings about a more positive environment.