Passing of Bond Issue Provides New High School Office

By: Mercedes Douglas

Thanks to the new bond issue passed in the spring of 2018, many parts of the elementary and high school received improvements.  One of those improvements was the addition of a new high school main office.  Before the new construction of the high school office commenced, the concrete planter in the lobby had to be taken out.  The new office utilities all of the space that was not being completely optimized.

The new office houses Julie Worley (JH/HS secretary), Katie Martinez (JH/HS principal), a new conference room, and a bathroom.  We asked Mrs. Worley and Mrs. Martinez about their feelings about the move and the new improvements.

Mrs. Julie Worley

How do you feel about the new improvements at the school?

“After being in the other office for 18 years, it was most definitely a huge change because you get so used to being in one environment. But, the new huge space, bathroom, and kitchen is also a nice add-in to the office and it does seem much more spacious.”

What do you think about the level of new security in the school?

“It is very good since there are bulletproof windows providing extra security and everyone has to be buzzed in no matter what.  I can see exactly who it is and what they are doing.”

Mrs. Katie Martinez

Is there something you hope to accomplish with the new improvements?

“I hope that it provides a safer, worry-free environment.  I hope to see students explore more in the science field by doing experiments in the new STEM lab. I know our school is providing more opportunities for the success of students.”

How do you feel it will help the students and the overall outlook on the school?

“I hope the community now sees our school as a more positive, friendly, and safe environment. We want the community to know we are doing everything we can to give students the best education possible.  We hope these improvements will help our students to be more successful even after they graduate.”