Bond Issue Renovation: Elementary and High School Libraries

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Bond Issue Renovation: Elementary and High School Libraries

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By: Chloey Hardy & Emily Douglas

Over the summer, work started on another project thanks to the passing of the no-tax-increase bond issue.  It was time for our libraries to be updated and spruced up.  Both libraries received a complete makeover from top to bottom.  Each library received new carpeting and many new amenities.  Thanks to the rollout of one-to-one technology each student from Grades 8 to 12 have a Chromebook in their hands.  Due to this, there is less of a reliance on the library for computer labs and technology access which leaves more space for books.  On the elementary side, the computer lab is still in place, but they now have a dedicated area for a classroom thanks to the installation of a dividing wall.

The school publications staff decided to ask Librarian Shanyn Nelson and Library Assistant Mandy Voyles about their feelings on the new renovation.

Mrs. Shanyn Nelson

What are the new improvements to the elementary library?

“We have new carpeting, new smart TVs, and they installed a dividing wall to make a classroom space.”

How have these improvements helped the students and library?

“It is more inviting and welcoming.”

How do you feel about these improvements? How have they helped you?

“It is great that the school district is updating both libraries. It is great the district has encouraged both libraries to prioritize books for students to read along with expanding technology.”

Is there anything that you think still needs to be changed with the library?

“That remains to be seen.”

Mrs. Mandy Voyles

What changes were made?

“We received new shelving, carpet, a couch, new chairs, a charging station, a new tv, and countertops.”

Do they impact the students?

“Once I get all of the books scanned in for our inventory, students will be able to check books in and out. The library will be available for teachers to bring their students down to use for a variety of reasons. The library has already been utilized by the Jr. High to write papers, hold D.A.R.E. class, and for the college kids to have a quiet place to work until their new room is finished.”

Is it now easier for students to focus and work?

“We still have some construction going on around us, but I believe as long as the students use the library for appropriate purposes, it will be a great place for them to focus and work. We have a great group of students taking college courses and so far, everything has run very smoothly.”

What are your future plans with the library?

“Mrs. Martinez and I have come up with some different ideas to get students more involved with utilizing the library. We plan to have a monthly theme. This will include having different games for the students to get involved in, planning various activities for an open library night for the community, offering reading reward trips every quarter, and many other new ideas.”

What is your opinion on Chromebooks?

I think they are a great resource for the students and teachers. I see the way kids love technology and I hope that by using the Chromebooks, more of the students will have their work completed. They won’t have an excuse that they lost their work because all they have to do is push a button to turn it in. It’s also a great resource for teachers because it makes it so much easier for them to see who isn’t turning in their work.  Hopefully, they can bring it to the student’s attention before they get too far behind.

Do you like the final results of the library?

“I do. I wasn’t sure how it was going to look, but it is finally starting to come together.”

Did you get any new books?

“I haven’t purchased any new books this school year, but I do plan on placing an order this fall. We are going to start fresh with a new inventory this year and that will help me know which books we are missing from different series so they can be replaced.”

Do you like being a library assistant?

“I am still learning, so I am thankful that I have Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Knowles, and Mr. Moss to help me out when I come across something that is new to me. With all of the new construction and Chromebooks being distributed, it’s been a little stressful trying to get the library up and running with normal usage of the library. We still have to clean out a few storage areas before the library is back to 100%, but I am excited to see what this year holds with all of the new changes. With the library being more open for classes to use, I’ll get to see different faces each day and get to interact with all of the kids instead of just the kids who like to read.”

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Journal

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Journal

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Journal

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Journal