New STEM Lab Renovations Thanks to the Bond Issue

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New STEM Lab Renovations Thanks to the Bond Issue

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By: Kylie Hubbs

With the passing of the no-tax bond issue this spring, a few areas around the school received a facelift.  One of those areas was Mr. Hagerty’s Science Lab or STEM Lab.  His room was transported from an area with outdated features to a classroom with cutting edge technology.  The improved room was revamped from the floor to the ceiling.  The center of the room had to be trenched out so new water and gas lines could be installed.

The school publications staff decided to ask Mr. Hagerty a few questions about the improved room.

What changes made were made to your science room/STEM lab?

“Everything is brand new.  We have brand new tables with gas and water access.  They installed new flooring, a new ceiling, and new lights.  The lab also has a new instructor’s table and new technology with 3 big screen televisions.  The storage room has all new cabinetry with new paint.”


How are they beneficial to your overall instruction?

“Just the simple access to water and gas makes it a lot easier for labs.  We don’t have to worry about using portable bunts and burners. Clean up is a lot easier and there is less traffic at the instructor’s table for clean up. With the new tables, there is also storage for everyday lab equipment.  They can just be kept there and don’t have to keep getting things out of the storage room.”


How are they helping the students?

“The same reason, the storage, the easy access to water and gas.  They can have their bunts and burners when time comes.”


How will these improvements help the engagement of students in the future?

“The same reason, things will flow greater with the easy access. This will help me with preparing for labs, and it is easier to prepare for instruction.”

See some pictures of the improvements below.  One picture is from the summer before all the improvements took place.

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Journal