Beginning of Bismarck Cross Country

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Beginning of Bismarck Cross Country

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A new sport for the fall season at Bismarck is Junior High and High School Cross Country.  The teams are coached by Mr. Abe Warren and Mr. Colin Eaton.  So far, the runners have improved on their times and faired very well.  It is both an individual and a team sport.  Runners are judged on individual times and teams are judged by a points-scoring method.  Races will vary on distances based on meets and age groups competing.  So far, they have had races as close as Desloge to as far away as Steelville and Cuba.

Cross Country’s Remaining Schedule

October 13 – Farmington

October 27 – Districts at Cape Girardeau (Notre Dame)


The school publications staff decided to interview the coaches to get their views on this new sport.

Mr. Abe Warren


How is the cross country program going?

“It has been fantastic!!!!”

Have your athletes improved since joining?

“They have improved tremendously. In our first practice, we didn’t have one runner who could run 0.8 without walking.  Now we will run 4 without walking, our times are improving every week.”

How do you run a typical practice?

“We run long distance in the mornings and then we run short distance stuff after school.”

Do you see the cross country program staying around?

“I hope so! We need more students to participate. It’s hard work, but they will love it.”


Mr. Colin Eaton

How is the program going? Is it going good or bad? Explain why?

“It is going well.  You can’t force kids to do things, but with the few kids that do participate, they put forth maximum effort every single day.”

Do you think cross country will be a program that will stay at Bismarck?

“Yes, because as a school we have a lot of student-athletes that have great potential, but may lack a little bit of mental toughness. Cross country builds great mental toughness. Also, its the only individual sport.”

Has cross country improved the athletes that participate?

“Yes 100%. Not just the physical aspect but also the mental aspect we just talked about.”

Do you like coaching cross country?

“I love coaching everything, but with cross country, I can interact with athletes that I may not normally interact with during basketball and teaching.”

What could improve with cross country?

“More participants. There are many students at Bismarck that have great potential, but for whatever reason didn’t come out.”


See some pictures of the runners competing below….