Mrs. Bell’s Cupcake Wars

Today, Mrs. Bell’s class had their first Foods Class Cupcake War.  Teams of three students banded together to make a delectable dessert that was judged on three points: overall presentation, texture, and flavor.  Six teachers had the pleasure of judging the competition for Mrs. Bell’s class.  Each group’s cupcake faired pretty well.  The taste was delicious and well exceeded some teacher expectations.  There were three cupcakes in each category.  One category centered around fruit while the other centered around chocolate.

On the fruit side, the group consisting of Jase Campbell, Austin Droege, and Ethan Dugal won.  This group baked a cupcake that was similar to strawberry shortcake.

The winners of the chocolate side were Emily Counts, Brianna Parks, and Adrianna Boyd.  This group baked a cupcake that was chocolate with a subtle surprise inside.  The surprise was chocolate chip cookie dough baked into the cupcake topped with a miniature cookie and chocolate chips.

The other competitors were Breanna Gamblin, Breanna Goodman, and Chris Alvarez who baked a chocolate caramel coconut cupcake.

The group of Belle Gibson, Rylee White-Steel, and Madi Randazzo baked a double-shot mocha latte cupcake served with coffee on the side.

Arizona Steinc, Lilly Gibson, and Devin Sutton prepared a chocolate bacon cupcake with strawberry frosting.

Rounding out the competitors were Rylee White, Mary Dixon, and Keeven Taliaferro and their pumpkin spice cupcake.

Great job guys!!  The cupcakes were fantastic and delicious!!

You can see some pictures below..