Fresh Paint and a Fresh Outlook for the Elementary

By: Jenna Sago and Mercedes Douglas

Over the summer, the elementary school hallways became a more inviting place thanks to Mrs. Anglin-Cooper and Mrs. Weston.  They committed a lot of their time to paint Indian-themed art throughout the grades K-5.  With Mrs. Barton switching back to the elementary side this year, we asked the art teachers and Mrs. Barton about their impressions about the freshly painted hallways.

Mrs. Carmen Barton

How does it feel to be back as the elementary principal?

“I feel like I am back home. The elementary is a natural fit for me.”

What do you like most about the elementary?

“I like the excitement that the students have for learning. They come in the mornings ready to learn and make their teachers happy.  They want to be at school.”

How do you think the construction has helped the overall look and feel for the elementary?

“It looks like a new building.  The front doors and safety glass gives a sense of security that’s important not only to the students but the parents as well. The paintings on the hallways help increase school pride. The improvement to the library helps us give a view of what the library should look like.”

How have the parents responded to all the construction and changes with the school?

“I heard a lot of positive comments from the parents at open house. I get a lot of positive comments when parents come in during the school day. They like the paintings that were done over the summer.”

Mrs. Bridget Anglin-Cooper


What do you think about the elementary hallways?

“I believe the elementary hallways will help improve the kids’ school spirit.”

Do you think it will help the younger kids have a positive outlook about school?

“I would hope they would be excited about coming to school and learning new things.”

What are you most excited about for this school year?

“I have a lot of things I am excited about.  I am excited about the artwork the kids will create and the student lineup since the high schoolers are old enough for the college level competitions. We have new competitions for the elementary side as well.”

What do you plan to do with for the junior high and high school hallways?

“Ms. Weston and I are looking for inspirational themes and are planning to continue the school pride theme.”

Ms. Sharon Weston

What do you hope to achieve in this year’s art shows?

“I don’t know of any art teacher that doesn’t want to have their students succeed and win, but most of all I want students to have fun and enjoy art.”

How do you hope to improve and motivate your art students this year?

“You have to come to school ready and be excited to get your own students excited to work.  Kids can tell if you love what you teach, and when they know that you’re sincere they will listen.  I always want them to make themselves happy with what they do.”

How do you hope the paintings in the elementary will help with the school’s outlook?

“I hope it will give students more pride about attending Bismarck School.”