Bismarck Band Room gets a face-lift due to the new Bond Issue

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Bismarck Band Room gets a face-lift due to the new Bond Issue

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By: Teagan Ryder

Bismarck band teacher Mr. Dennis Mayberry has received some renovations to his band room thanks to the Bismarck Bond issue that was passed in the spring.  I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his room.

What were some of the changes made to his band room?

They removed 6 windows and a built-in bench.  They installed new lockers, new acoustics on the walls, new carpeting throughout, a wash station, and more technology in the band room. In place of the old windows, we also received new energy efficient windows.

How will these changes best support your band students?

“The overall sound will be better.  You will be able to hear the sound immediately.  It will also not get as loud whereas before the noise would get really loud. They also got new lockers for storage so now they have more room.”

What excites you the most about the new changes with the additions to your room?

“They added a sanitary station and cabinets in my office so now I have room to work on things.  Without the built-in bench, it is easier to fit more kids in the room and we even have extra room to spare. Another thing I was happy to receive was the new windows.  They are now energy efficient which makes my room easier to heat and cool.  I am also excited about the new technology that is now accessible in my room. Lastly, I am excited about the new acoustics in my room.”

How have the new additions to your room helped with the acoustics?

“It improves the quality of rehearsal time.  The kids can hear the subtle nuances they were unable to hear before because of the lack of acoustics.  With the money that was spent, they were able to renovate about a 50-year-old room to a modern college level band room.”

Do the new revisions make you feel more comfortable about the future of your band program?

“Yes, they do make me feel more comfortable, but they were going to move forward no matter what.  However, knowing that we have the backing of the school and the community is more meaningful to the students and me.  The community sees the importance of what we do here and we want to live up to their expectations.”

See some of the pictures of the newly renovated band room below..