Catch the BHS School Spirit: Get onboard with the “Spirit Cart”

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Catch the BHS School Spirit: Get onboard with the “Spirit Cart”

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Our third hour school publications class has been trying to some unique ideas to increase school pride.  These girls decided to take an idea and run with it no matter what happened.  Juniors Alicia Aubuchon and Rylee White have taken their school spirit and made it into a mobile entity, the BHS Spirit Cart.  It takes guts to improve the unity and pride of a school and these girls are doing their part to make it happen.  Below, you will hear about the spirit cart from their point of view and what they hope this endeavor will do for our school.  Their spirit is contagious and we hope other students will catch it to make Bismarck a place of renewed pride and enthusiasm.

By: Alicia Aubuchon and Rylee White

This whole spirit cart thing started when one of us asked to ride in shopping cart while the other person pushed it. The yearbook class planned a mini pep parade that marched through the school early that Friday morning.  So we started the parade and we were up front leading it.  It was most definitely something we had never experienced before.  Honestly it was amazing.  So many students joined in.  After the parade ended, we were asked to make an appearance at our first pep rally later that afternoon.

The next week we made an appearance at the North County Cross Country Meet.  We ran on the sidewalk alongside the grass where the runners started the race.  We were screaming and cheering with pom-poms while the whole Junior High Cross Country team ran along with us.  Since then, we have made appearances at both High School and Junior High Volleyball games.  We have also made appearances at school assemblies.

As the year goes on, we have many plans that will soon be revealed to better our spirit cart and hopefully improve student involvement.  The plans range from different things to throw into the crowd to eventually upgrading to newer and cooler wheels for the cart.

“What exactly is a spirit cart?”some may ask. Well, to be completely honest, the whole spirit cart thing started out as a joke and I guess it just stuck.  Most everyone loved it.  It was something different that we’ve never seen at another school.  Sure, we may look crazy running through the halls, pep rallies, and games in a decked out shopping cart wearing tutus and spiky mohawk helmets. But it all means so much more than looking ridiculous.

After coming to the realization that we only have two years of high school left, we have really thought about what kind of mark we strive to leave behind. We are not only on a mission to improve Bismarck School Pride but we want to show students that another person’s opinions should not bother you. If it takes us looking completely crazy at a North County Cross Country Meet cheering for our three high school runners, then so be it.  Students need to see that it is okay to be completely infatuated with something they care about, regardless of what someone may think.

Throughout the next couple years, there is a very good chance you will see this rusty, old, shopping cart, that now has the title of ‘spirit cart’ being pushed at a home or away game, cross country meet, pep rally, parade, or throughout the halls of Bismarck High School.