Building a Bridge with Students

As a way to reward our Bismarck Junior and Senior High classes this year, students who are keeping good grades are able to participate in “Tribe Pride Time.”  Tribe pride time rewards students who keep grades above a D and who turn in their work regularly.

One of those Tribe Pride Time programs is Mrs. Crites’ Bridge Building Enrichment Program.  In this class, students were directed to build a bridge that would withstand a certain amount of weight.  A prize would be given to the winner.

Here are some of the details and parameters for the enrichment program:

They had to construct a bridge that would span 21 inches and support at least 5 pounds of weight.  The successful bridges from this test competed to see which bridge design would hold the greatest amount of weight without collapsing.

For the competition and judging, each bridge was tested and judged for maximum efficiency and aesthetics. Efficiency was measured by determining how much weight the bridge held.  For aesthetics, the bridge was voted on based on a scale of 1 to 5 for most appealing.

The winner of the bridge building contest was Sarah Hale.  Her bridge held at least 30 pounds and never broke.  The runner-up was Tanner Martinez.

You can see pictures of the enrichment program below.