Bismarck Students React to Net Neutrality



By: Kelsy Carrington


Net neutrality is a law that could quite possibly be passed, yet not many people know what it means. If net neutrality is passed, then common social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. will cost money to access. Many of these sites offer premium options already and the standard option is free. But if the bill is passed, it will be a monthly fee for just the standard option. This will ultimately affect student life here at Bismarck High.

Many students have many forms of social media which they use to reach out to other students.

Student Elisabeth Haler says Facebook messenger is her prime form of communication with her colleagues.

“It’s ridiculous. Some people can’t afford it.”

Student Mackenzie Bowen takes the law personally.

“My internet friend has tons of problems. I have to be there for her and help her with her problems and I can’t do that without certain forms of social media.”

The bill hasn’t passed and yet we’re already seeing its effects.

Here are some other student responses:

Eli Cain – “It’s not fair. You shouldn’t pay for things that have been free for ten years. Especially if social media is your way of connecting with people.”

Mary Bequette- “I believe that services such as social media or YouTube should be free of charge. I think this because those services are used to connect those all around the globe. They keep as updated on the latest trends, viral sensations, and even the weather. I think a lot of people including me would likely cut these out if they were to have a price. Social media is available for all, and we should keep it that way.”


Ethan Penington- “I think its stupid because you should have a right to your privacy and you shouldn’t have to pay just to get social media.”