All Aboard the Polar Express


Shannon Skinner, pastor of the Church of God in Farmington, brought his rendition of the Conductor from The Polar Express to Bismarck Elementary K-3.

He read the book first at the Farmington Library during their Christmas Kickoff.  High school English teacher (and brother) Terry Skinner contacted him to see if he would do the same thing for our school.
He came dressed in authentic Conductor gear.  Gold Polar Express tickets were passed out to the kids.  He punched every child’s ticket at the door as they went into the library.
He began with a lot of interaction with the kids and then read the first few pages up to the Hot Chocolate part.  The teachers then passed out cartons of chocolate milk to drink while he read the rest of the story.
At the point where Santa awards the first Christmas gift, Librarian Mrs. Shanyn Nelson gave a large Christmas bell to the student who had the most AR points.
Below are a few pictures from the event…