Mrs. Hawkins’ 5th Grade Book Presentation



For the last four years, Mrs. Sarah Hawkins and her fifth-grade class have compiled a book which helps to show the creative talents of her students.  Her students choose a topic and everyone writes a story.  Each student also designs their own picture to go along with the story.  The topics are usually selected by a classroom vote.

Each year, Mrs. Hawkins’ fifth graders have dedicated the book to someone.  This year, they chose someone who already has a few books under his belt, Mr. Mark (Leon) Reeves.  Mr. Reeves was a former elementary school teacher before moving to Special Education last year.  This year, he serves as the high school counselor.

When the Smoke Signal asked why Mrs. Hawkins’ class chose Mr. Reeves, Mrs. Hawkins replied,

“The students felt like Mr. Reeves deserved it.  They thought it would be cool since he used to be their teacher.”

When Mr. Reeves was asked about this designation, he said,

“I was very honored and touched by it.  I got a little emotional.  It was hard to put my thoughts into words at the time.”

Also, to get more information about Mr. Reeves’ Angus Series, go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble using the following link.