A Sign of Holiday Cheer

On December 5th, the Bismarck Elementary had its annual Christmas concert.  This year was the first year in which Choir Director, Matthew Boyer, has been in charge of the concert.  Even though the concert had its regular amount of Christmas cheer, something extra special took place that would cause any Grinch or Ebeneezer Scrooge to shed some tears.

Bismarck 5th Grader Adam Politte has a father who is deaf.  A day or two before the Christmas concert he approached Mr. Boyer about signing while his group was singing.  When Adam asked his music teacher, he claimed that he wanted his father to know what he is singing.

The Smoke Signal asked Adam a few questions about his experiences with signing and his efforts to engage his father more in his performance.  According to Adam, his father, Jason, taught him how to sign when he was two years old.

When asked how his father felt after the performance, Adam said that his dad felt very proud and was very happy to understand the words.  It made his dad feel more welcome.  Attached to this story is a short video of Adam Politte signing.