Bismarck R-V and Community Reaching Out with Isaiah’s Colorful Heart


During the holiday season, kindness and giving grow tremendously.  Examples of generosity can be seen by a volunteer ringing a bell next to a donation kettle or having a police officer shop with an underprivileged child.  Now, elementary school students are getting into the act of helping their local community.

For the holidays this year, Bismarck Elementary School is partnering with Isaiah’s Colorful Heart to help kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  Isaiah’s Colorful Heart was started by an elementary school student who had heart surgery at Children’s Hospital.  While feeling frightened before his surgery, one nurse at the hospital showed him kindness by bringing him a coloring book.

Ever since that day, Isaiah has organized this drive as a way to pay it forward and help other kids in need.

Last year, Isaiah’s Colorful Heart received enough donations to ensure that every child at St. Louis Children’s Hospital had a coloring book on Christmas Day.

All collections will end this week and delivered over the weekend.