Student Spotlight: Ethan Lesh

Current 4th Grader, Ethan Lesh scored proficient on the ELA section last year, but it did not come without some hard work.  His Title 1 teacher, Mrs. Shanyn Nelson, was surprised by his level of work ethic and the excitement he had to better himself.  He was taking steps throughout the year with his practice tests to increase his performance.  For his accomplishments, Ethan was recognized at the October Board Meeting with a certificate and a medal.

The Smoke Signal decided to interview Mrs. Nelson about Ethan’s accomplishment.

What kinds of strides did Ethan take to get this award?

“Last year, Ethan used data from the STAR test to set goals for himself as part of his RTI program. Each time he retested, Ethan saw his reading level improve. Seeing his growth really motivated him.”

How much did he improve?

“Ethan began the 16-17 school year reading at the 1st grade level.  He completed the year reading at the third grade reading level. He applied himself and attained a proficient ELA score on the MAP test.”

What would you like to say about his accomplishments?

“I want to stress the importance of working closely with students and their data to set small, incremental, and attainable goals. It was such a joy to see Ethan excited about his growth, and helping him set a new goal.”

Congrats Ethan!!  Keep growing as a reader!  We are proud of you!!