Picture Day Details

Tuesday, November 21st will be another picture day with Wagner Portrait Group. This time around they will be handling picture retakes for pre-k through seniors, winter sports, and senior pictures for tuxedo and drape for the class photo that hangs in the hallway.
Wagner will be arriving early enough to get seniors between 7:15 and 8:30 before they head to Unitec and college.
Wagner will be sending two photographers to handle our needs that day. One photographer will be set up in the new gym concession area. This arrangement will be for seniors so that there is one spot for their tux and drape photos. Picture forms have already been passed out to each senior.
The other photographer for Wagner will be set up in the new commons hallway by the new gym. This photographer will be handling all retakes from pre-k through senior level.  We will start at 7:45 with any Pre-K and any alternative school kids that need to get their picture taken.
Once they’re done, we will work up from the younger kids to the older kids until everybody has had their chance for retakes. After that photographer is done, a photographer will be going around the elementary school to take candid shots for the elementary school yearbook.
Winter sports will also be taken on Tuesday, November 21st.  We will get the junior high and high school girls basketball programs first.
We will wait on high school boys basketball and high school cheerleading because of Unitec and college involvement for some of its members. Winter sports pictures should start around second hour or 8:30 to 8:45. All picture forms should be passed out to every coach.
The only program that will not be getting their pictures done now is Junior High cheerleading due to a back order of their equipment and supplies.
High school boys basketball and high school cheerleading will have to be taken after lunch on Tuesday to catch every member.
If you have any questions about our arrangements for this upcoming event, please let me know by calling 573-734-6111 Ext. 307 or email me at [email protected]