Kunkel and Mandina Get All-District Choir Honors

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Kunkel and Mandina Get All-District Choir Honors

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By: Hannah Kunkel

On Tuesday, the Bismarck Concert Choir auditioned for All-District Choir.  The group travelled to Hillsboro High School for the occasion.  Over 300 students tried out for the distinction of All-District Choir, but only the best singers are chosen.  Bismarck was lucky to have two spots on that choir.  Hannah Kunkel and Dakotah Mandina made it through.

First year music teacher, Matthew Boyer, had this to say about his singers:

“Hannah Kunkel and Dakotah Mandina have been selected for the 2017 –18 East Central District #7 All-District choir. This is a special award given to only the top vocalists in the area. I am very pleased with the hard work that all of our students have put in so far this year. On top of the all-district award, and participation in the all district choir, Dakotah and Hannah both scored high enough to qualify for an all-state audition. Only a few students district-wide receive this honor. As their director, I am pleased to share in this joy with them!”

Dakotah was very surprised, but happy and proud to receive this accomplishment.  When asked about his feelings while auditioning, he said his heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest.  Nerves play a big role in how well you do at an event like this.

When asked about his thoughts on Mr. Boyer, Dakotah had this to say:

“It made me happy to know how much he cared and how much time he was willing to spend with me to help practice.”

Hannah Kunkel’s feelings on being selected were of overwhelming joy and pride.  Her thoughts on her feelings while auditioning were that she felt like she was going to throw up because she was so nervous.  However, she was more confident this year than in the past.

Here are Hannah’s feelings about the local choirs and her teacher:

“The support from the other schools is incredible during an event like this.  Mr. Boyer is an amazing teacher.  It is incredible how much time he is willing to help a student and how much he actually loves the music department here at Bismarck.”

Congratulations Hannah, Dakotah, and Mr. Boyer on a job well done!!!