From Math to Meals: Meet Bismarck’s New Health/Home Econ Teacher, Mrs. Bell

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From Math to Meals: Meet Bismarck’s New Health/Home Econ Teacher, Mrs. Bell

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By: Haley Huff

This year,  we have a new Home Ec. teacher, Mrs. Kim Bell, who has transitioned from being the Jr. High Math teacher.  She takes on some new challenges this year filling the position left by the retired Home Ec. teacher, Beth McCrorey.  Over the summer, she completely revamped her classroom giving it a splash of color with a coastal theme.  Now, students can come into a bright, cheery environment ready to cook and learn.

The mass media department managed to interview Mrs. Bell to ask her some questions about her job change.

How do you like being a Home Economics teacher compared to being a math teacher?

“I love it.  I can spend more time enjoying the kids. I can be more flexible, creative, and can teach the kids what they can use throughout the rest of their lives.”

What are some expectations for your classes?

“Cleanliness is one of my biggest expectations. I want the kitchen to be taken care of. I want to teach the kids how to clean up after themselves and how to do their own dishes.”

Do you plan on introducing new foods this year?

“I have a few recipes of my own. The first thing they made was chicken enchiladas. The kids seemed to really enjoy them, and throughout the year I will be introducing other recipes that the kids can learn how to make for their families.”

What are some things you like doing on your free time?

“I love to shop, sleep, and spend time in the sun.”

Do you expect to be in this position for a long time?

“I have about seven more years until I’m able to retire and I hope that I will stay in this spot until I can.”