A New Voice in the Music Department

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A New Voice in the Music Department

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By: Hannah Kunkel, Athena Willis, and Victoria Shipp

Mr. Matthew Boyer is the newest music teacher to Bismarck R-5 School District.  Last year, he began his journey in education as a first-grade teacher.  While teaching last year, he would include many classroom management techniques with his young ones that involved songs or musical cues.  This year, he gets to put his own spin on the music department at Bismarck R-5.  The Mass Media class was able to sit down with Mr. Boyer to get his take on the change of position.

What’s your favorite part about being a music teacher?

“It’s a dream come true honestly. I’ve studied music at a young age; drums at 4, guitar at 11, piano at 12, and privately I play 7 instruments. It’s something that I’ve wanted since my own music teacher first planted that seed of inspiration. One of my favorite things about this job is that I get to make music and hopefully inspire at least one of my students to love music as much as I do.”

What are your plans for the future of the Bismarck choir?

“This program has a very rich history.  Honestly from the 80’s and further back, some people said this was the best choir around. My vision for our music program is to increase the number and the interest in the community for the choir. We need to be more present in the community. I want to show that we have a musical program here that loves music and push for this love to grow.”

How are you going to deal with classroom distractions?

“Honestly, I’m going to be a calm teacher and create a fun, learning environment for all my students.”