2017 Brings New Library Changes at Bismarck

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2017 Brings New Library Changes at Bismarck

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By: Brianna Beard & Levi Missey

This year a lot has changed for the high school library and elementary library. Since Mrs. Paula AuBuchon has retired, Mrs. Shanyn Nelson has assumed the helm as the head librarian with Mrs. Mandy Voyles hired this year as the library aide. Mrs. Nelson does all the administrative things like ordering books. Mrs. Voyles helps take care of the high school side while Mrs. Nelson teaches classes.

Interview with Mrs. Nelson:

What is different about the library this year compared to last year?

It’s different because Mrs. AuBuchon and Mrs. Nelson ran two separate libraries.  Mrs. Nelson said she has worked very well with the new library aide, Mrs. Voyles. They worked together for three straight days taking out books that they do not need anymore.  Mrs. Nelson said they weeded out over 2,000 books and reshelved other books.

What is your favorite thing about being a librarian?

To see the students and staff read the wonderful selection of books in the library.  Also, to see teachers use these books in their classes to help students learn. One of her favorite things about being a librarian is seeing a student or even a teacher find something they are interested in.

Why did you become a librarian?

Mrs. Nelson said a lot has changed since becoming a librarian.  She said one of her inspirations was her aunt.  She was a librarian in the 1970s and 1980s with the Potosi School District.

Is it different being a librarian than it was being a teacher?

It was big change from being a teacher.  When she became a librarian, she said she had to redo her way of teaching since it was different with every class and student.

Interview with Mrs. Voyles:

What are some changes being made to the library?

We’re working on getting new shelving and new books for next year.

Due to our district’s commitment to improving education, we are moving towards a more technical application for students.  We are excited to prepare for the launch of student chrome books soon.

Are you excited about being a part of the library staff?

I’m excited to be a part of the changes that are happening at Bismarck and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Are you nervous about your new position?

Nervous is not the right word. I’m ready to further student education as the new library aide.

What are your opinions so far on the new job?

The first week was particularly rough, but now that we’re settling into a routine, it is beginning to get better.