Winter Sports Spotlight: Men’s Programs


When this season started, the Varsity and Junior Varsity programs hoped to improve on their record from last year.  The goal of any good team is to learn from their mistakes and become better as a team.  Whether that means accepting your role or being the star shooter, each person has a part to play in the puzzle that hopefully becomes a well-rounded and competitive team.  Coach Brown is bringing back all of his core players from last year for the varsity squad.  Here are some of the goals that he communicates to his team.

Varsity and JV Mens Basketball

Submitted by Logan Dunn

Bismarck’s Varsity Basketball has a very good year ahead of them with Coach Brown, Coach Blunt and all the players involved. There are very high expectations with this year’s basketball team. Coach Brown expects our team to take us past the district title and hopefully contend for a state title for the first time since 1944.  The reason 1944 is so important is because it was the last time Bismarck Basketball won the state title. Coach Brown suggests during practice that our team needs to become more of a family so we can play together as a team.

Coach Blunt states his goals for his junior varsity team are to work as a team and prepare his team to continue at the next level.  He wants each player to be the best player they can be and do that by being more sound on their fundamental skills. 

Junior High Mens Basketball

Submitted by Chloe Reuter

Coach Katie Martinez leads the Junior High Basketball Program this year.  There are a few new faces this year.  Below, the Smoke Signal asked her about her goals and accomplishments for this year’s team.


What kind of team do you have this year?

“The team this year is very hard working and energetic. I hope they translate their hard work and energy into a successful season.”

Where would you like your team to be by year’s end?

“Like any coach I hope that we get a few wins this season but like I said before my main goal is that they improve on their basketball goals and are more prepared for next season.”

What are some of the goals that you have for your team?

“My main goal is that they improve their skills and learn how to work as a team, and have fun.”