Winter Sports Spotlight: Women’s Sports Programs


Submissions by Brilee Henson, Savannah Tate, Bailey Barton, Lexi Redding and Jessica Sheckles

Junior Varsity and Varsity Girls Basketball


As the weather gets cooler, it means that Bismarck Basketball begins in full stride.  This year brings a few changes with Coach Colin Eaton leading the Women’s Basketball Program.  Coach Eaton is the new elementary school P.E. teacher as well.  Last year, Coach Eaton coached the Belleview Braves basketball program.  The Smoke Signal had a chance to sit down with him to ask him about some of the goals and accomplishments he wishes to attain this year.

What are some goals you have for your team this season? I hope to win a district championship.  The main goal is to get better every day and work as hard as we can work.

Where would you like to see your team by year’s end? In Columbia at state, but we will focus on a district championship and take it one day at a time.

What are you excited about this school year? In part, the physical activity and nutrition. Teaching P.E. is a fun and rewarding job. I love coming to work.


Junior High Girls Basketball


The Smoke Signal had a chance to sit down and talk with Tori Henson, Junior High Girls Basketball Coach, to ask her about her goals and accomplishments for this season.

What is your main goal this season? To get better everyday and survive because we only have 9 kids. We hope to beat our record from last year.

What are some of the skills you would like your girls to have by the end of the year? To be better than we were at the beginning. I want them ready to take on high school basketball and Coach Eaton’s conditioning discipline.  Also, I would like the 7th graders ready for 8th grade basketball next year.

What else are you excited about this year? I am excited for my first year of looping next year.  I am very excited to see how the basketball season finishes.  I also hope to win a district title in softball this year!


High School Cheerleading

Mrs. Robyn Tiefenauer coaches the High School Cheerleading Squad again this year.  The Smoke Signal asked her about some of the things that she would like to accomplish with her squad this year.

What are some of the goals that you have for your cheerleading team?

To increase their pep and be loud and proud.

How have the girls improved from the beginning of the year?

They have learned many new cheers.  They are currently working on a floor cheer.

Who is the captain of your cheerleading squad?

I have Riley Land and Anna Missey as co-captains.

What excites you about your group?

They are always a sweet group of girls who are willing to try new things.

Junior High Cheerleading

The Junior High Cheerleaders have a new coach this year.  Mrs. Jessica Sheckles leads this boisterous group of girls as they promote our school and our junior high sports programs.  Below are some of the goals that Mrs. Sheckles wishes to accomplish this year with her squad.

What excites you about being a new coach this year?
I’m excited about coaching our Jr. High cheerleading squad for the 2016-2017 school year. We are incorporating dances, tumbling, cheer stunts, and new cheers at our Jr. High basketball home games. The BJHS cheerleaders are a great group of young ladies that are motivating and encouraging to one other, the sports teams they are cheering for, as well as the community. It is an honor to be a part of this group and to lead them in showing school spirit not only at games but throughout the school. I’m extremely proud of the leadership in our squad and the willingness of each girl to try new things. It’s awesome to see a group of individuals come together that can work together, show creativity in making new cheers and dances, and have the courage to perform in front of a crowd. Our school’s Jr. High cheer squad is a motivated group of young ladies and is an asset to our district. I look forward to seeing growth with our squad this year and in the years to come!

What are some of the goals for your team this year?
Some of our goals for this year are to be a squad that motivates the crowd at games by being positive, upbeat, and motivating. Besides tumbling, dancing, learning new cheers and cheer stunts, they also want to be role models for others in showing school spirit, making good grades, and getting along with others. At the end of each practice, we end with our Cheer Circle and express the positives of the practice. This helps our squad develop a sense of community and helps create an atmosphere where we can set team goals and encourage one another.

What games do you cheer for?
Our BJHS cheerleaders cheer for both the Jr. High boys and girls home games.

Who are the captains of your team this year?
Our 2016-2017 BJHS Cheerleaders:
Lexi Droege (captain)
Lexi Davis (co-captain)
Bailey Pratt (co-captain)
Isabella Gibson
Riley Dickey
Arizona Steinc
Maddie Randazzo
Shelby Smith
Ashleigh Foxworth
Breanna Gamblin

Jessica Sheckles (Jr. High cheer coach)