Student Response to National Work and Family Month

Student Response to National Work and Family Month


October is National Work and Family month.  It focuses on the individual challenges that current families face everyday.  Keeping a good balance between work and family is hard especially when certain occupations leave employees in high stress situations.  Together, the digital communications staff interviewed some Bismarck students to see what would steer them into a suitable career based solely on fringe benefits.

Taking salary out of the equation, what kinds of perks would you look for in a potential career?  On-site daycare? Summers off?  Free tickets to sporting and concert events?  Below you will see the responses from our staff members and other Bismarck students who consider their future career decisions.

Lexi Redding

After interviewing and asking questions about work life, it made me question my own future career decisions. I already know I also want to be a dental hygienist and go through the dental program at Missouri College, but I never thought about fringe benefits. Now knowing other people’s reasons on why they want a certain benefit, it helped me decide on what I want. Being able to have full insurance is the probably the most important thing I care about since that’s something you’re always going to need.  Another benefit that would entice me would be having paid vacations. Being able to hit pause on the real world and going into my own little paradise would refresh me letting me be a happier person and worker!

Kayla Johnston

After talking to these students and hearing how they plan to take on life, I’m excited to start my journey and become a dental hygienist. I plan to go to MAC next year to get my Associate’s degree, then attend a dental hygiene school. 

Brilee Henson

Today I was asked about what career choice I am going to pursue after high school and what benefits I would get from choosing this career; also what steps I am going to take to get to my career. First off, I am going to be a chiropractor when I get older.  The steps I am taking is to either attend Missouri Baptist University or Central Methodist University to get my Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine.  After that, I plan to attend Logan Chiropractic School to get my Master’s degree in Chiropractic. A big benefit I will get from this is that I get to make my own hours, and I also get to build relationships with my customers.

Savannah Tate

Today I interviewed for the National Work and Family month. It helps to bring awareness to the challenges that families face every day. We are talking about what people are wanting to be and how it would affect their lives in the long term.  People base their future career off the money, but will they even like the real job?

Think about the work hours, and not seeing your family too much. Most of all, did they even job shadow or investigate on their own to see if they like the nature of the job. Working is a huge part in people’s lives to get money to pay the bills, get you from A to B, feed your family, and have a roof over your head. So how can the jobs they pick help them out at home like on-site daycare, a workplace gym and fitness center, maybe summers off or even paid vacations.

The job you pick should influence you.  Yes, money has a big roll in it but you have to love the job first because it’s something you will be doing for the rest of your life. I think the people I interviewed had a good head on their shoulders about what they want to be and good reasons why they are influenced.

Bailey Barton

Today, I was asked about my response on what I have chosen to do after high school and how I plan to get there. I have decided to become a kindergarten teacher and go to a university but I am not sure which university yet. I like that teachers get summers off and holiday breaks. I feel like it makes having a family easier so that my kids and I will always be on the same schedule. And the retirement for teachers in the state of Missouri is really good so later in life I won’t have to worry about money.

Logan Dunn

When I grow up, I am going to take over my dad’s corporation. I will have flexible hours and many advantages. I will have free seats to concerts or sporting events after doing jobs for the places that hold the event.

Quotes from Bismarck students (quotes about careers, money, benefits, and other interests)

“I like that dental hygienists make good money and it will be something that I enjoy doing everyday.” – Mackenzie Coleman

“They make a lot of money.”  – Austin Droege (He plans to become a radiologist by attending radiology school right after high school.)

“I love the idea of coaching while teaching. It allows me to build relationships with my team as well as my classroom students, that is a feeling that will never go away.”  – Alyssa Sago

“I plan to become a physical therapist. It is a tough route because of all of the things you have to learn, but I am going to be paid a lot so it is worth it.” – Macy Butery

“Honestly I’m going to want to get away. Having paid vacations allows me to relax while still getting a paycheck. Also, insurance is something I will always need, and it will eliminate an extra cost for me.” – Whitley Lands (on being asked about a career with fringe benefits)

“I want to be a neonatal nurse. I would like to take care of sick babies and make them better. Even though it’s a sad job, I love babies.” – Brooklynn Fitzwater

“I want to be a nurse anesthesiologist.  I am very excited to be able to work in a hospital with people and take care of them, as well make a lot of money.” – Jade McEntire

“I make my own hours sometimes. If I’m on a case, then I might have to work for 5 days straight with no sleep. Other times, I might go a few weeks with no work at all.” – Austin Jarvis (on being a cryptozoologist)

“They have things such as life insurance, paid vacations, free tickets to sporting events and social security.” – Dalton Dugal (on the benefits given to orthopedic surgeons)

“I always really liked movies and creating things for others to enjoy. After high school, I will go to Knox College to major in theater with film and movie studies, in hopes of moving out west to start making connections to pursue my degree.” – Sylvia Buckley (on pursuing a career as a film maker)